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The titles Baron Beauchamp and Viscount Beauchamp have been created several times throughout English and British history. There is an extant Viscountcy of Beauchamp, held by the Marquesses of Hertford.

Beauchamp family[edit]

The name Beauchamp, Latinised to de Bello Campo ("from the beautiful field/fair field"), is borne by one of the most ancient Anglo-Norman families.

Barons Beauchamp, first creation ("de Somerset") (1299–1361)[edit]

Arms of Beauchamp of Hatch: Vair

(Descendants of the feudal barons of Hatch Beauchamp in Somerset)

Baron Beauchamp, second creation ("de Warwick") (1350–1360)[edit]

Arms of Beauchamp of Warwick: Gules, a fesse between six cross crosslets or

Baron Beauchamp, third creation ("of Bletso") (1363–1380)[edit]

Barons Beauchamp, fourth creation ("of Kidderminster") (1387–1400)[edit]

Barons Beauchamp, fifth creation ("of Powick") (1447–1503)[edit]

Seymour family[edit]

Viscount Beauchamp, first creation ("of Hache") (1536–1552)[edit]

The Seymour family inherited the capital manor of Hatch Beauchamp (anciently Hache) due to the marriage of Roger Seymour (d.c.1361) to Cecily Beauchamp (d.1393), the aunt and heiress of John IV de Beauchamp, 3rd Baron Beauchamp (1330-1361),[1] feudal baron of Hatch Beauchamp.

Barons Beauchamp, sixth creation ("of Hache") (1559–1750)[edit]

Viscounts Beauchamp, second creation ("of Hache") (1750—)[edit]

See Marquess of Hertford for further Viscounts Beauchamp.

Lygon family[edit]

Barons Beauchamp, seventh creation ("of Powyke") (1806–1979)[edit]

See Earl Beauchamp for further Barons Beauchamp.

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