Baron Bellew of Duleek

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Baron Bellew of Duleek was a title in the Peerage of Ireland. It was created on 29 October 1686 for Sir John Bellew, as a reward for his support for James II. He was outlawed after the Glorious Revolution and the accession of William and Mary, a decision that was later reversed. Two of his sons, the second and third Barons, both succeeded in the barony. The latter was twice returned to parliament for Steyning, but was unseated both times. The title became extinct on the death of his son, the fourth Baron, in 1770.

This branch of the Bellew family descended from Sir Christopher Bellew, brother of John Bellew, ancestor of the Barons Bellew and the Grattan-Bellew Baronets.

Barons Bellew of Duleek (1686)[edit]