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Baron Fairhaven, of Anglesey Abbey in the County of Cambridge, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created in 1961 for Urban Huttleston Broughton, 1st Baron Fairhaven, with remainder to his younger brother Henry Broughton. He had already been created Baron Fairhaven, of Lode in the County of Cambridge, in 1929, with remainder to the heirs male of his body. Broughton was the eldest son of the civil engineer, businessman and Conservative Member of Parliament, Urban H. Broughton, who died in January 1929 before his intended elevation to the peerage as Baron Fairhaven. At the same time Lord Fairhaven's mother Cara Leland Broughton, daughter of the American industrialist Henry Huttleston Rogers, was granted Royal warrant to the style and title as if her husband had been created Baron Fairhaven. As he had no male heirs, in 1961 Lord Fairhaven was created Baron Fairhaven, of Anglesey Abbey in the County of Cambridge, with special remainder by his brother Henry. On his death in 1966, the barony of 1929 became extinct, while he was succeeded in the barony of 1961 by his brother, the second Baron. The title is currently held by the latter's only son, the third Baron, who succeeded in 1973.

The title is unusual in referring to an American town, Fairhaven, Massachusetts, the birthplace of the first baron.

Barons Fairhaven (1929; First creation)[edit]

Barons Fairhaven (1961; Second creation)[edit]

The heir apparent is the present holder's son, the Hon. James Henry Ailwyn Broughton (b. 1963)

The next in line to the heir apparent is his son, George Ailwyn James Broughton (b. 1997)