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Baron McGowan, of Ardeer in the County of Ayr Scotland,[1] is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. The current title holder is Lord Harry John Charles McGowan, 4th Baron McGowan.

Baron McGowan, of Ardeer[edit]

The title was created in 1937 for Sir Harry McGowan, Chairman of Imperial Chemical Industries. As of 2014 the title is held by his great-grandson, the fourth Baron, who succeeded his father in 2003.[2]

The family seat is Highway House, Lower Froyle, Hampshire.[3]

Family Connections[edit]

Samuel Pepys painted by Sir Godfrey Kneller in 1689

The McGowan family is related to the Earl's of Cottenham[3] and the renowned Diarist, MP and Naval administrator Samuel Pepys through the current Baron's mother Lady Gillian Angela Pepys, daughter of John Digby Thomas Pepys, 7th Earl of Cottenham. The family is also descended from the House of Neville through Lady Angela Isabel Nevill, grandmother of the 4th Baron.[4] This connection names Kings Edward III, Edward IV and Richard III among the family's ancestors.[5]

The McGowan family also maintains a line in Ireland with relatives of the current Baron of Anglo-Irish[6] descent bearing the same name. This line held its family seat in Dromore West Co. Sligo with another branch of the family still holding land in Ballisodare, Sligo.[7] The current heirs have not applied to prove their entitlement to any titles and the line is currently considered dormant.[8]

The current title holder, Lord Harry John Charles McGowan's immediate family include his sisters, Hon. Emma Louisa Angela McGowan and Hon. Annabel Kate Cory McGowan, and his daughters, Hon. Sophie Isabella Fox McGowan and Hon. Martha Davina Fox McGowan.[3]

Family Arms[edit]

Arms: Per saltire Argent and Azure two Lions rampant in pale Gules and as many Horseshoes in fess proper

Crest: A Tower Or between two Horseshoes proper

Supporters: Dexter: a Figure representing St Barbara proper holding in the exterior hand a Tower Or; Sinister: a Figure representing St Kentigern proper holding in the exterior hand his Crozier Or[9]

Motto: Juncta Juvant (Union is strength)[3]

Anglo-Irish branch[edit]

Arms: Blazoned Argent, a Saltire gules, five Fleurs-de-lis of the field, and ermine fur.

Motto: Deus Providebit (God will provide)


The seat of the McGowan family in the United Kingdom is Highway house Lower Froyle Hampshire. The family also owned the Regency Bragborough Hall, Northamptonshire.[10] However,after generations in the McGowan family, the 641 acre estate was sold off for over £7 million in 2012.[11]

Barons McGowan (1937)[edit]

  • Harry Duncan McGowan, 1st Baron McGowan (1874–1961)
  • Harry Wilson McGowan, 2nd Baron McGowan (1906–1966)
  • Harry Duncan Cory McGowan, 3rd Baron McGowan (1938–2003)
  • Harry John Charles McGowan, 4th Baron McGowan (b. 1971)

The heir presumptive is the present holder's uncle Hon. Dominic James Wilson McGowan (b. 1951).

Ancestry & family tree[edit]

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