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Baron Services is a weather technology company based in Huntsville, Alabama, United States. The company develops weather systems that aid in the detection and dissemination of weather information to customers in the broadcast, government, aviation, marine and automotive industries. These technologies include weather tracking software, Doppler weather radar, systems integration, and personal alerting services,[1] among others. The company holds numerous U.S. patents for weather technology.[2]

The OmniWxTrac system developed in 1992 was the first street-level storm tracking system for broadcast television. The corporation has developed storm-tracking technologies like shear markers and SCITS, as well as the Baron Tornado Index (BTI),[3] which ranks a storm’s tornadic potential on a scale between 0-10.

OmniWxTrac was followed by many additional weather tools including the FasTrac storm tracking system, the 3D VIPIR storm tracking system and the Omni system.

In 2007, Baron Services and L-3 Communications were selected to upgrade 171 U.S. National Weather Service, Department of Defense and Federal Aviation Administration NEXRAD radars to dual-polarization capability.[4][5]


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