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Baron Alanson Stow

Baron Stow (1801–1869) was a Boston Baptist minister, writer and editor, who in 1843 with Samuel Francis Smith compiled a Baptist hymnal entitled: The Psalmist, which for the next thirty years was the most widely used Baptist Hymnal in the United States.[1]

Early life and education[edit]

Baron Stow was born June 16, 1801, in Croydon, New Hampshire and graduated in 1825 from Columbian College, now George Washington University in Washington, D.C.[1]

Ordained ministry[edit]

In 1827 Baron Stow was ordained a minister in a Baptist church in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He left there in 1832 to become pastor of the Baldwin Street Baptist Church in Boston. After 16 years, he left to become pastor of the Rowe Street Baptist Church, from which he retired in 1867.[1][2]

He married community activists Thomas Dalton and Lucy Lew Francis on June 5, 1834 at the Rowe Street Baptist Church in Boston.[3][4]


Baron Stow died December 27, 1869, in Boston.[1]


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