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Baron is a set of conventions in the game of contract bridge. There are four common variations of the Baron convention used in the game.[1] They arise from the Baron bidding system developed in Britain from the 1940s as a variant of Acol.

Baron Three Clubs[edit]

The Baron Three Clubs is an alternative to the responder using Stayman over a 2NT opening bid. The responder will have 5 points or more and an unbalanced hand. The responder bids 3 clubs, which asks opener to bid his four card suits in ascending order. If clubs are the only 4 card suit, the opener then bids 3NT.

If there are two 4-card suits (one being clubs), the opener bids the higher first (then) 3NT for the clubs if no fit is found. The opener's 2NT is a limited bid and the responder has not shown the strength of his hand, therefore the responder will control how high the bidding goes, game or prospecting for a slam, and the suit to be played. The main advantage of this convention is that it becomes easier to reach minor-suit slams.

Baron Notrump Overcall[edit]

A 1NT overcall is used over an opponent's opening suit bid to show a weak hand with support for the unbid suits (i.e. it excludes support in the opponent's suit).

Baron Two Notrump Response[edit]

When the opening is a bid of one of a suit, a 2NT response is given showing 16-18 points and a generally flat hand. 3NT shows 13-15 points. This is also known as the Two NoTrump Forcing Response.

Baron Two Spades and Three Spades[edit]

After a 1NT opening, a 2S response asks opener whether he is minimum or maximum for his bid. Opener responds 2NT with a minimum or 3 of his lowest 4 card suit with a maximum. Responder may have one of two ranges; 11-12 points (looking for game in NT) or 17-20 points (looking for slam in NT or a minor suit). Similarly after a 2NT opening, 3S asks opener whether he is minimum or maximum, looking for a slam.


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