Barouh Berkovits

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Barouh V. Berkovits
Born Lucenec, Czechoslovakia
Died October 23, 2012(2012-10-23)
Fields Biomedical Engineering
Institutions NYU Poly, Medtronic
Notable awards Distinguished Scientist Award from the Heart Rhythm Society

Barouh Berkovits (May 7, 1926 – October 23, 2012[1]) was one of the pioneers of bio-engineering, particularly the cardiac defibrillator and artificial cardiac pacemaker.[2] In particular, Berkovits invented the 'demand pacemaker' and the DC defibrillator.[3][4]

Berkovits was born in Czechoslovakia. His parents and sister perished at Auschwitz. He immigrated to the United States in the 1950s, and worked for the pacemaker company Medtronic from 1975 until his retirement. In 1982, Berkovits received the 'Distinguished Scientist Award' from the Heart Rhythm Society.[5] He graduated from NYU Poly in 1956.[6] He was also a faculty member at NYU Poly.[7]


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