Armoury Towers, Macclesfield

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Armoury Towers
Armoury Towers 1.JPG
Armoury Towers
Armoury Towers is located in Cheshire
Armoury Towers
Armoury Towers
Location within Cheshire
Coordinates 53°15′14″N 2°08′12″W / 53.2539°N 2.1367°W / 53.2539; -2.1367Coordinates: 53°15′14″N 2°08′12″W / 53.2539°N 2.1367°W / 53.2539; -2.1367
Type Barracks
Site information
Owner Private residential
Site history
Built 1857
Built for War Office
In use 1857-1980s

Armoury Towers is a former military installation at Macclesfield.


Old photo of Permanent Staff 1868

The need for the construction of barracks followed the raising of the 2nd Royal Cheshire Militia, recruiting in the eastern part of the county (the existing 1st Cheshire Militia was based at Chester). In October 1857 the Cheshire Quarter Sessions passed a resolution that "...barracks for the 2nd Regiment of Cheshire Militia be erected in some part of the eastern division of the county."[1] Initially, Stockport was favoured, but a decision to purchase land in Macclesfield was made in January 1858, against the objections of the Mayor and Corporation of the town.[2] The building was decommissioned and converted for residential use in the 1980s.[3]


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  • Photo is not the Militia band, it's the ' Permanent Staff 1868 ' .. can be viewed at Chester Records Office.