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Death of Facundo Quiroga at Barranca Yaco.

Barranca de Yaco or Barranca Yaco (from the Spanish barranca (gully) and the Quechua yaku (water))[1] is a geographical feature along the ancient camino real (royal road) of the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata,[2] located between Villa Tulumba and Sinsacate, in the province of Córdoba, Argentina.[3]

The place is famous because General Juan Facundo Quiroga, Governor and caudillo of La Rioja, was assassinated there by a party led by Santos Pérez, on 16 February 1835, during the Argentine Civil Wars.[4] Santos Pérez along with the former Governor of Córdoba José Vicente Reinafé and two of his brothers were judged and hanged for this crime at Buenos Aires in 1837.[5] Since 2009 there is a memorial square that remembers Quiroga and those killed with him.[6]

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Coordinates: 30°51′57.6″S 64°6′2.6″W / 30.866000°S 64.100722°W / -30.866000; -64.100722