Barratt Due Institute of Music

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Barratt Due Institute of Music
Barratt Due musikkinstitutt
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Type Private foundation
Music school and college with accredited courses
Established 1927 (1927)
Rector Stephan Barratt-Due
Deputy rector
Alf Richard Kraggerud
Director Harald Hjort
Administrative staff
125 (2015) (as a total for all departments)
Students 90 (1915) (in addition, 90 students at Unge Talenter, 100 students at Musikk på Majorstuen, 50 students at Musikkskoleavdelingen, and 200 students at Musikkbarnehagen)
Location Oslo, Norway

Barratt Due Institute of Music (initiated 1927 in Oslo, Norway) is a music education institute founded by the pianist Mary Barratt Due and the violinist Henrik Adam Due. It is a private foundation which receives government funding for parts of its activities. Located at Fagerborg in Oslo the institute offers music education from infant age through college levels.[1]

The institute's motto is "From music kindergarten to concert podium" and the students are educated through college level degrees and onto the professional arena. Due to this model Barratt Due has through three generations been an important institution in Norwegian music life. Stephan Barratt-Due is the school's artistic director and also leads the Institute's ensemble-in-residence, Oslo Camerata.


Barratt Due's Musikkinstitutt» was founded 18 September 1927 at 18 Vallegata, St. Hanshaugen, where the violinist Henrik Due and pianist Mary Barratt Due resided. Classes were held in their apartment.[2] The family Barratt-Due moved 26 October 1931 to 2 Lyder Sagens gate, and the music kindergarten started at the institute in January 1932, this was the first of its kind in Norway and as of 2015 is still going strong. In the mid 1930s the motto of the institute was, "from the musical kindergarten to concert podium," and since 1930 the Institute has had an annual Christmas concert.

During World War II the institute was a meeting place for those interested in culture and so-called Entartete Musikk, "degenerate music", which was banned during the war, who met behind the blackout curtains.

Stephan Barratt-Due Jr. took over as rector and artistic director of the institute in 1985.[1] In 1985, Barratt Dues Juniororkester and Barratt Dues Symfoniorkester was established, and in 1986 the Institute was transformed into a foundation.


  • Høyskoleavdeling: (College) Barratt Due offers both Bachelor and master's degree studies in Music Performance. In addition there are two further education with educational purposes
  • Unge Talenter (Young Talents) is a program for the particularly interested and talented children and young people aged 10–19. Includes instrumental lessons, ensemble activities and music theory.
  • Musikk på Majorstuen is a program for the school-age children in Oslo and offering primary education with special educational needs for talents in classical music.
  • Musikkskoleavdeling (Music school) offers individual instrumental lessons.
  • Musikkbarnehage (Music kindergarten) have groups divided in age from 0–5 years. "Music in the beginning of life." Barratt Due taking in music children garden of the children personal qualifications and adapt learning material for children's development level. Learning takes place through activities of various kinds. About 200 children

Orchestras and ensembles fixed at the institute[edit]

  • Oslo Camerata: Barratt Dues ensemble-in-residence, a professional orchestra where students and students participate as "apprentices".
  • Barratt Dues Symfoniorkester: A full symphony orchestra comprising students from the Unge Talenter and students at the college department.
  • Barratt Dues Kammerfilharmoni: A small philharmonic comprising students at the college department.
  • Barratt Dues Vokalensemble: A chamber choir with all the vocal students at the college department, led by Lars Notto Birkeland
  • Barratt Dues Messingensemble: Brass ensemble with all college students on brass instruments, led by Sverre Riise
  • Barratt Dues Unge Symfoniorkester: A full orchestra comprising solely students under 19 years, led by Alf Richard Kraggerud.
  • Barratt Dues Juniororkester: String orchestra comprising mainly students between 16 and 19 years, led by Soon-Mi Chung.
  • Barratt Dues Juniorensemble: String orchestra comprising mainly students between 12 and 16 years, led by Sigyn Fossnes.
  • Barratt Dues Barneorkester: String orchestra comprising children under 13 years, led by Torfinn Hoffart.

Notable alumni and faculty[edit]


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