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TT riders on the slight descent from the top of Barregarrow approaching the crossroads

Barregarrow (in Manx: Bayr Garroo – The Rough Road)[1] is a crossroad-centred settlement south of the village of Kirk Michael in the Isle of Man. Located between the twelfth and thirteenth milestones on the famous TT course, the crossroads is a landmark on the famous road racing course. The A3 (TT Course) has side-junctions with the C4 (Ballaleigh Road) and B10 (Sartfell Road) at this point.


TT rider Mick Grant just after the crossroads passing the chapel on his descent of the hill during the Formula 1 TT in 1985

Located at the top of "Barregarroo hill" on the Douglas Road two miles south of Kirk Michael, Barregarrow is a famous geographical landmark on the Snaefell Mountain Course of the TT Road Races. The crossroads is the location of a Victorian postbox, a traditional red telephone box and one of the first Wesleyan Methodist chapels on the island. Situated opposite the chapel on a side-road is the former Methodist chapel hall and Sunday school, used in the 1990s and early 2000s as the premises of a welding company specialising in wrought iron gates. The building is used by a seasonal carpentry firm primarily for storage.

Barregarrow and the TT races[edit]

The crossroads is closed during practice and racing hours during the TT fortnight in May/June of each year and during the Manx Grand Prix in August. The crossroads serves as a convenient location for touring riders to retire during races prior to the high speed approach to Kirk Michael village two miles further on. The Isle of Man dog warden, a boarding kennels and camp-site are located at Cronk Aashen in Barregarrow and serves as a main spectator facility during the motorcycling periods on the Island.


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