Barrera de amor

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Barrera de Amor
Genre Telenovela
Created by
Written by Liliana Abud
Directed by Raúl Araiza
Opening theme "Como Duele" (Noelia)
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 135
Original network Televisa
Original release October 10, 2005 – May 12, 2006
Preceded by Contra viento y marea
Followed by Duelo de Pasiones

Barrera de amor (Barrier Of Love) is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced by and broadcast on Televisa in 2005.


Maria Teresa Galvan (Yadhira Carrillo) or Maite, is a beautiful young woman who is engaged to Luis Antonio (Sergio Reynoso. Maite was raised by her aunt, Griselda. Maite's mother died giving birth to her and she has never met her father. According to people in her town, her father was a foreigner named Jose, who lied to Maite's mother, Eloisa, and had left her pregnant. Jose promised Eloisa to come back but never did, but he left Eloisa a pendant that belonged to Jose's mother. That pendant is all Maria Teresa has from her father. Maite works at her Aunt Griselda's restaurant as a waitress. Maite goes to the fair where she is accompanied by Adolfo Valladolid; Adolfo pours sleep powder in Maite's drink leaving her dizzy and uncomfortable. Adolfo takes advantage of her condition and tries to take her to a motel and rape her when he was stopped by Magdalena (who later in the series becomes one of Maite's best friend and also is one of Adolfo's former lovers) Eventually, Adolfo rapes Maria Teresa later in the series and Maite becomes pregnant. After Luis Antonio is told by Griselda that Adolfo had sexually harassed Maite, Luis Antonio goes off and looks for Adolfo. Luis Antonio beats up Adolfo, but Doña Jacinta Valladolid (Raquel Olmedo), Adolfo’s mother, sues Luis Antonio. Jacinta pays a few of her workers to attack Luis Antonio in prison. Adolfo was supposed to get married to Manola Linares (Chantal Andere), but Maite interrupts the wedding and says that Adolfo and Manola cannot be married because Adolfo is the father of her baby. Maite is forced to marry Adolfo after they threaten to kill Luis Antonio in prison. Because Maite loves and cares for Luis Antonio's children, Daniel and Andres, she agrees to marry the rapist. Her life is a living hell when she has to live with Adolfo and Jacinta. Then, after a few months later, Maite gives birth to a beautiful child, Valeria, (Susana Diazayas). Jacinta finds a way to make Maite lose custody of her daughter and Jacinta ends up keeping Valeria. After Maite was forced by Jacinta to leave, Maite goes of to Mexico City, MX and starts a plot to recover her daughter and get revenge on Jacinta. There in Mexico City she runs into Magdalena who is pregnant. Maite and Magdalena grow very fond of each other and become best friends. Maite works in a restaurant in Mexico City and becomes a friend of Victor, the restaurant owner. Magdalena gives birth to a baby girl, Veronica, (Alexa Damian). Years later; Maite returns to recover her daughter but her plan is a failure. Magdalena is killed but Veronica watches the murder of her mother. Veronica after that day has more than one personality in her. Veronica always had loved to play dolls with Vera and Violeta (Vera, the greedy and self-centered one and Violeta caring, weak, and respectful, so Veronica said about her dolls). After that Vera and Violeta became Veronica's personality. Veronica is also Valeria's half sister. Maite decides to take care of Veronica since Magdalena was a very good friend to her. Maite and Victor adopt Veronica. After 17 years Maite finally returns to her home town and gets revenge on Jacinta. Valeria and Andres fall in love without knowing their parents had a relationship. Later, Valeria and Andres secretly marry. Valeria finds out that she is pregnantt and tries to tell Andres and they get in a fight. She doesn't tell Andres that she is pregnant.


Preceded by
Contra viento y marea
Barrera de Amor
October 10, 2005 - May 12, 2006
Succeeded by
Duelo de Pasiones