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Barrett, The Honors College
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DeanDr. Mark Jacobs
Academic staff
AffiliationsArizona State University

Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University is a program that provides over 5,400 students[1] with a residential experience that is similar to that which one might find at a smaller college or university, while still giving access to the resources of a major research institution.[2] The administration offices for the college are located in Sage Hall in the Barrett Honors Complex, on ASU's Tempe campus, but classes are available at all of the ASU campuses in Arizona.


Originally named the Honors College, the institution was created by the Arizona Board of Regents on July 16, 1988.[3] After six years and being one of the few honors colleges in the country, the honors college was named by Money Magazine as one of the top eight honors programs in the United States.[3] In 2000, the then-CEO of Intel, Craig Barrett and his wife Barbara, who is an ASU alumna, gave the college an endowment of $10 million.[3] Because this was one of the largest gifts ASU had received at the time, the college was renamed Barrett, The Honors College.[3]


The new Barrett, The Honors College Residential Complex, containing the Honors College, is on the southeast corner of ASU's Tempe campus and is adjacent to Apache Boulevard to the south and Rural Road to the east. It was designed by the collaboration of the architecture firms IKON 5 Architects and DWL Architects. Major construction was coordinated by the collaboration of general contractors Hardison/Downey & Kitchell from September 2007 to August 2009. Construction costs of the project totaled approximately $110 million for approximately 490,000 g.s.f. of buildings and is being considered for LEED v2.2 Silver Certification.[4] It consists of the residence halls Agave, Cereus, Sage, Cottonwood, Rosewood, Juniper, Willow, and a special Sustainability House at Barrett, or SHAB, all of which have classrooms for the seminars that are held solely for honors students.[5] It provides facilities for 1,700 students.

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Barrett, The Honors College is in affiliation with Arizona State University. It is headed by Dean Dr. Mark Jacobs and Vice Dean Dr. Nicola Foote. Under the Dean and Vice Dean are the offices of the Associate Dean for National Scholarship Advisement and Internships, the Faculty Chair, Barrett Professor and President's Professor, which is currently held by founding Dean Dr. Ted Humphrey, the Honors Faculty Fellows, Visiting Honors Faculty Fellows, and Visiting Faculty. In general, all of the faculty members participate in giving seminars to students throughout the academic year.[6]

In addition to these professors, students may engage in an honors enrichment contract with any professor on campus, awarding honors credit for extra coursework during the course of a semester.[7][8] These contracts allow the students to obtain the 36 honors credit hours required to graduate with Barrett, The Honors College.[9]

Academics and Demographics[edit]

Since its founding in 1988, Barrett, The Honors College has accrued a number of prestigious awards and titles. In 2012, it was ranked 1st in the nation among public university honors programs with admissions minimum SAT scores of 1300-1400 by[10] Further, Barrett boasts of continuously sending students into graduate and professional programs to the most selective and prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Mayo Clinic.

The average standardized test scores for incoming Freshmen in 2012 were 1297 on the SAT and 28.6 on the ACT.[1] Additionally, fall 2013 saw 116 incoming National Merit Finalists.[1]

The Flinn Scholarship, a highly regarded scholarship program in the state of Arizona, regularly sees a majority of its recipients attending the Honors College.

As of 2015, Barrett, the Honors College has 7,455 alumni.[1]

In addition to the regular cost of Arizona State tuition, Honors students are required to pay an Honors fee of $2,000 per academic year.

Student life[edit]

Student life for those in Barrett is much like any other student attending ASU; however, there are some resources available that require Honors status. The positives to living within these facilities are easy access to Honors-only seminars such as the required Human Event classes, as well as access to the Honors writing center and computing center.[11] Along with this, Barrett residents can purchase meal plans for the Barrett Dining Hall, a unique on-campus dining experience. Additionally, Honors Hall houses a small exercise gym, a coffee shop, a 24-hour help desk, a computer lab, and a lounge area open to those living in the residence halls. Compared to other residence halls at ASU, relatively high numbers of students return to live in the Barrett complex as upperclassmen despite the high cost. Furthermore, Barrett students, along with NCAA athletes and students with disabilities, get to register for classes a week before all other students.

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