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Barrett Christy is an American snowboarder and Winter Olympics Athlete. She currently resides in Gig Harbor, Washington.

Christy was a member of the first U.S. Snowboarding team during the 1998 Winter Olympics. She has won more medals than any other female athlete in the Winter X Games, until Lindsey Jacobellis pass her.


Born in Buffalo, New York, and grew up in Bucks County, PA. Christy learned to snowboard in 1991, and has been competing since the mid 90's. Barrett lived in Breckenridge Colorado from 1991 to 1995, living hand-to-mouth in poverty like a "ski bum." Later moving to upscale Vail Colorado after going "Big Time." Baddest snowboarder ever to walk planet Earth.

Signature move is called the "Barrett Roll".

Media appearances[edit]

Christy has been featured in "Hardly Angels" (2002) and "Our Turn" (2001), both all-girl snowboard films by White Knuckle Extreme. In 2007, she was featured in the women's snowboard film "Float" with an interview and snowboarding footage.

The rock band Ween may have dedicated its song "Birthday Boy" to Barret. During the 2004 Bonnaroo festival, Gene Ween stated that "This song's about Barret Christy, a famous snowboarder, in case you all didn't know. She's a lovely girl."

Other work[edit]

Christy oversees the design of women's snowboards for Gnu Snowboards, including the Gnu Barret Christy Pro Model (B-Pro), which is the longest-running women's pro model snowboard.

Competition history[edit]

  • 2003 Mt. Baker Banked Slalom - 5th
  • 2002 Winter X Games - 3rd Slopestyle
  • 2002 World Championships - 3rd Superpipe
  • 2001 ESPN Action Sports and Music Awards - Female Snowboarder of the Year
  • 2001 Mt. Baker Banked Slalom - 1st Pro Women
  • 2001 Grand Prix in Mammoth and Breckenridge, 1st
  • 2000 Winter X Games - 2nd Superpipe/ 3rd Slopestyle
  • 2000 US Open - 3rd Superpipe
  • 2000 Winter Gravity Games - 3rd Big Air
  • 2000 Transworld Riders Poll Awards - Best Overall Female Snowboarder
  • 1999 Transworld Riders Poll Awards - Best Overall Female Snowboarder
  • 1999 Summer X Games - 1st Big Air, 1999
  • 1999 Winter X Games - 1st halfpipe / 2nd slopestyle
  • 1999 Gravity Games, 3rd Big Air
  • 1998 Winter X Games - 2nd Big Air, 2nd Slopestyle
  • 1998 Olympic team member, Nagano Japan
  • 1997 Winter X Games - 1st Big Air, 1st Slopestyle
  • 1997 US Open - 1st Halfpipe, 1st Big Air
  • 1997 US Open - 1st in Halfpipe and Big Air
  • 1994 Amateur National Halfpipe contest, 1st


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