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Barrett M99
Barrett M99.jpg
Type Anti-Material Rifle
Place of origin United States
Production history
Designed 1999
Manufacturer Barrett Firearms Company
Produced 1999–present
Weight 23 lb (10 kg)[1] (29" Barrel)
25 lb (11 kg)[1] (32" Barrel)
Length 47 in (120 cm)[1] (29" Barrel)
50 in (130 cm)[1] (32" Barrel)
Barrel length 29 in (74 cm)[1]
32 in (81 cm)[1]

Cartridge .50 BMG (12.7 × 99 mm),
.416 Barrett[2]
Action Bolt Action
Maximum firing range 2,600 meters
Feed system Single-shot

The Barrett Model 99 "Big Shot" is a single-shot long-range precision rifle that was first introduced in 1999 by the Barrett Firearms Company as a less expensive alternative to the company's higher-priced offerings.[3] The rifle uses a bullpup single-shot configuration meaning a single round is loaded behind the pistol grip.[4] This Barrett Firearms Company is known worldwide for the .50 caliber rifles, mostly the M82A1 magazine fed semi-automatic rifle.[5] The model 99 is designed for one purpose only, hard–core construction and surprisingly few moving parts with dead on accuracy. Math winning accuracy with smooth functionality shot after shot, the Barrett M99 is competition ready.[6]


The Model 99 rifle is a single shot bullpup type of rifle that debuted in 1999. Its primary market was for long range competitive target shooters and in 2001 a shooter set a world record at 1,000-yards with the M99 by shooting a 5-shot group which measured 4.09″.[3] The M99 features a hard-core construction, 7000 series aluminum alloy extrusion, match-quality trigger design, heat-treated steel M1913 rail, match grade barrel, and S-7 tool steel bolt. Using the three quick assembly pins the M99 is easily disassembled without the use of tools.[7] The Model 99 is very accurate over and over again because of its heavier contour barrel. With the .416 round, the accuracy, and increased velocity, enables an incredible long range precision. The bolt is machined from a single piece of S-7 tool steel. Making a weapon that is very reliable and easy to maintain must have very few moving parts, this weapon does this by having just these parts move, the extractor, ejector and firing pin assembly. The Model 99 uses only three pins for a quick disassemble holding the trigger housing and bolt guide to the receiver assembly. For bench rest shooting the bi-pod can be easily detached, the design in the match-quality trigger is virtually maintenance free.[5] The rock solid match-tolerance barrel is locked into the extrusion by being hydraulically pressed making it able to mount a rifle scope on it. The high grade steel gun barrel and the aluminum extrusion surrounds the cartridge making safety unparalleled.[8]


The rifle is offered in two calibers: .416 Barrett and .50 BMG. The .416 Barrett version is available with a 32" barrel and the .50 BMG version is available with a 29" or 32" barrel.[9] The model 99 can offer a QDL suppressor that Barrett also designs and makes. The 360 degree welding on the dual layered heat treated high strength alloys makes it the safest large bore suppressor on the market. Proper alignment is guaranteed every time because of the suppressors design, sliding over the muzzle brake directly into the index point. Every installment is ensured with perfect consistency using a unique lock-ring coupler clicks into the ratchet grooves for a secure fit in seconds. The recoil of suppressed fire is reduced using the auxiliary two-port muzzle brake.[10]

Caliber .50 Cartridges[edit]

All of which could be used by the Barrett M99

  • M2 Ball- in marksmanship training, light material targets, and personnel.
  • M1 Tracer- for incendiary effect and for signaling to aid in observing fire-secondary purposes.
  • M2 Armor Piercing- for concrete shelters, armored aircraft, light armored vehicles, and other bullet resisting targets.
  • M1 Incendiary- aircraft.
  • M8 Armor Piercing- combined armor-piercing and incendiary effects.
  • M20 Armor Piercing- tracer features with additional combined armor piercing and incendiary effects.
  • M1 Blank- (contains no bullet) for simulation fire.
  • M2 Dummy- (completely inert) for training.[11]


Retail price list reflects U.S. commercial sales only.[12]

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