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Barrett Willoughby (died 1959),[1] a.k.a. Florance Barrett, was a best-selling novelist who wrote works of romantic fiction and nonfiction from the 1920s through the 1940s. Her writing was mainly mostly set in Alaska, where she spent many years. Some of her works were made into movies.


  • Where the Sun Swings North (1922)
  • Rocking Moon (1925)
  • Gentlemen Unafraid (1926)
  • The Trail Eater (1929)
  • Sitka, Portal to Romance (1930)
  • Spawn of the North (1932)
  • Alaskans All (1933)
  • River House (1936)
  • Alaska Holiday (1940)
  • The Golden Totem, a novel of modern Alaska (1945)


  • Rocking Moon
  • Spawn of the North


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