Barrhaven Centre station

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Barrhaven Centre
Ottawa Transitway station
Location Jockvale Road, Barrhaven
Coordinates 45°15′58″N 75°44′33″W / 45.26611°N 75.74250°W / 45.26611; -75.74250Coordinates: 45°15′58″N 75°44′33″W / 45.26611°N 75.74250°W / 45.26611; -75.74250
Owned by OC Transpo
Opened April 17, 2011[1]
Preceding station   OC Transpo   Following station
TerminusRoute 95
toward Trim
toward Lebreton
Route 99Terminus
New services
Route 75
TerminusRoute 99
toward Hurdman

Barrhaven Centre station is the southerly terminus of the Southwest Transitway in the Barrhaven neighbourhood of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


The following routes currently serve Barrhaven Centre Station:

Barrhaven Centre Station Service
Rapid Routes 95 99
Frequent Routes 80
Local Routes 170 171 173 175 176
Shopper's Routes 305
Event Routes 406 456


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