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Barricade Books
Founded 1989
Founder Lyle Stuart
Successor Carole Stuart
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Fort Lee, New Jersey
Publication types Books
Official website

Barricade Books is an independent publishing company specializing in non-fiction titles and featuring biography, memoir, including holocaust memoirs, and true crime and Mafia titles.

The genesis for Barricade Books was Lyle Stuart Inc., founded by Lyle Stuart (1922-2006), the publisher of such titles as Naked Came the Stranger, Ordeal by Linda Lovelace, and The Sensuous Woman by "J".

In 1989, the Barricade Books imprint was established. In 1995, Barricade Books published the bestseller The Housekeeper's Diary by Wendy Berry. The violently racist anti-government novel The Turner Diaries, by Andrew Macdonald, was published in 1996. A bestseller, Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown and originally published by Bernard Geis Associates, was republished by Barricade in 2002.

Other notable titles include a memoir by Avery Corman, My Old Neighborhood Remembered; a memoir by the attorney Raoul Felder, Reflections in a Mirror; Bruce Mowday's Pickett's Charge, The Untold Story; a biography of mob daughter Susan Berman, Murder of a Mafia Daughter, by Cathy Scott; and L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?, by Bent Corydon.

In 1997, a $3.1 million libel judgment, as a result of a lawsuit filed by Steve Wynn, because of the biography Running Scared by John L. Smith, against Lyle Stuart, forced the publisher into bankruptcy. The company continued to publish and the judgment was eventually reversed.[1]

At the time of Lyle Stuart’s death in 2006, his wife, Carole Stuart, became publisher. She had previously worked in a variety of departments for Lyle Stuart Inc. and Barricade Books.[2]


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