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Barrie Central
Collegiate Institute
Barrie Central Collegiate Institute.jpg
125 Dunlop Street West
Barrie, Ontario, L4N 1A9
Coordinates 44°23′10″N 79°41′42″W / 44.38611°N 79.69500°W / 44.38611; -79.69500Coordinates: 44°23′10″N 79°41′42″W / 44.38611°N 79.69500°W / 44.38611; -79.69500
School type Public, high school
Founded 1843
Closed 2016
School board Simcoe County District School Board
School number 893196[1]
Grades 9-12
Language English
Colour(s) Black, Cerise and Ivory             
Team name Barrie Central Phoenix

Barrie Central Collegiate Institute was a public secondary school (Grades 9-12+) located in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. The oldest school in Simcoe County, it was founded in 1843 and closed in June 2016. The last administrative staff included Greg Brucker (Principal), and Sharon Beeler (Vice Principal). The school has a tradition of excellence in its rugby teams, classics club, Sears Drama Festival, and various other curricular and extracurricular activities. Barrie Central was also one of two schools in Simcoe County that offers an Extended French program.


In September 2010, a Pupil Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) was initiated to address declining enrollment and facility conditions at Barrie Central. The four Barrie secondary schools were included in the terms of reference for the ARC.

The ARC concluded in May 2011, and the board approved motioned that staff would pursue viable financial partnerships until September 30, 2014. If a viable partner is secured, staff will prepare a capital priority case for the Ministry of Education. In the case that a partner is not found, the school will close as of June 30, 2016 and staff will submit a capital priority case to accommodate students at other Barrie secondary schools. Staff report to the Business and Facilities Standing Committee at least quarterly on the status of partnership discussions, and an attendance area review of the five Barrie secondary schools will commence in October 2014.[3] A public meeting was held in November and two months were provided for comments/feedback.[4]

In November 2012, a joint RFEI between the City of Barrie and the SCDSB was developed and issued, with sixteen responses were received.[5]

In May 2013, a community meeting was held at Barrie Central to provide the school community with more information about the project.[6]

The SCDSB released an RFP for facility partnerships for the development of a new school on the existing Barrie Central Collegiate Institute site, and the potential development of the Barrie Central and Prince of Wales properties in November 2013.[7] This RFP closed as of January 20, 2014, receiving one detailed proposal.


On Wednesday, September 24, 2014, at the Regular Board Meeting of the SCDSB, the Report from Closed Session ratified a previous recommendation made in Closed Session;

"1. That the Board confirms that the requirements of the Request For Proposal, Barrie Central Partnerships issued on November 4, 2013 have not been fulfilled, as set out in Report No. CL-B-2-a, Request for Proposal, Barrie Central Partnerships, dated September 24, 2014.

The board approved the following motion in public session:

1. That the Board approve, if viable financial partnerships including private sector organizations are not secured by September 30, 2014 relating to the shared development and use of a new secondary school on the Barrie Central Collegiate Institute site, staff proceed with a school consolidation capital project business case, in accordance with Ministry Memo 2014: B08 Request for School Consolidation Capital Projects, dated August 27, 2014, for the purpose of accommodating students resulting from the closure of Barrie Central Collegiate Institute, dated September 24, 2014." [9]

Barrie Central Collegiate Band playing at the 2010 Remembrance Day Ceremony

It was announced on September 25, 2014, that Barrie Central would be closing following the 2015-2016 school year, effective June 30, 2016. Barrie Central students would be dispersed between Innisdale Secondary School and Barrie North Collegiate. The majority of Central's Extended French Program will go to Innisdale, while approximately 30 students will attend Eastview Secondary School based on the Simcoe County District School Board's Attendance Area Review. There is still a strong will from within the school and in the surrounding community to keep Barrie Central open, as a number of community members, parents, alumni and students have formed a group called "Save Barrie Central-Save Barrie Schools," which works together and aims to keep Barrie Central open at least until a new school in South Barrie becomes operational.

Past Principals[edit]

Randy Hoover (1995-1999)

Paul Sloan (1999-2003)

Chris Samis (2003-2006)

Russell Atkinson (2006-2013)

Greg Brucker (2013-2016)

Barrie Central Concert Band[edit]

Barrie Central's Concert Band was founded in 1923 by W. Allen Fisher (1905–1989, a teacher 1931-1972 of English and History, Honorary LL D Queen's 1972, Member of the Order of Canada 1973). The band gained a reputation as one of Canada's leading school bands, touring extensively in Canada, the US and Europe, and winning over 100 first prizes in competitions such as those at the World Music Festival in Kerkrade, Netherlands, where it placed first in 1970. The band was led 1972-1986 by Morley Calvert, under whom it won more than 25 first and second prizes, including gold medals in Kerkrade in 1974 and 1978 and the Major Brian S. McCool Trophy annually 1974-1966 and in 1978 at the Kiwanis Music Festival in Toronto. In 1975 the band represented Canada at the inaugural International Festival of Youth Brass and Symphonic Bands held in Cardiff, Wales and London, England.[10]

Barrie Central Collegiate Drumline performing at 'Celebrate Central' 2010

Up until its closure, Barrie Central's band and music program was run by the eccentric duo of Lisa Perry and Graham Hilliam. Lisa was a young piano player who played the clarinet in Barrie Central's band, under the direction of Morley Calvert, during her high-school years. After graduation she moved on to The University of Western Ontario and The University of Toronto. She studied clarinet with Jerome Summers, flute with Jamie Thompson, and oboe with Parry Bauman. Today Lisa teaches various music courses at Barrie Central including: keyboard, vocals, and grades 9 to 12 instrumental music. She also leads the school's biggest most reputable band, the Senior Concert Band.

Graham has studied saxophone and jazz with Phil Nimmons and George vanOstrand. He is a graduate of The University of Western Ontario and The University of Toronto, and has maintained an active performance schedule north of Toronto. He currently plays saxophone and bass with The Shawn Mei Band. Graham began working at Barrie Central in 1993 and today teaches various music courses such as, intro and intermediate guitar, and grades 9 to 12 instrumental music. Traditionally, but not always, Lisa teacher grades 9 and 12 while Graham teaches 10 and 11. Graham leads Barrie Central's Junior Band and Jazz Band. Hilliam and Perry are married.

Neil Mavor is the latest addition to Barrie Central's musical staff. He began working at BCC in 1996 and is primarily a History teacher. Neil graduated from Queen's University where he studied percussion with Greg Runions and Jim Peterscak. He is still an active musician, and plays with the Shawn Mei Band and the Madcap Players. He also plays for the Huronia Dance Centre. He has spent many years as Pit Orchestra Director for Central's musical productions including Hair, Peter Pan and Les Misérables. Neil is the creator and leader of Barrie Central's widely popular Drumline, which originally consisted of about 5 members. They played at various school events such as sports games, assemblies, and concerts.[11]


Barrie Central offers many courses, some of which are unique to the school by age, excellence, and other qualities.

School activities[edit]

Barrie Central has a long-standing tradition which is due in part to offering a wide variety of extracurricular activities, including:

  • Student Council
  • Arts Council
  • Social Justice Club
  • Gender-Sexuality/Equality Alliance (past Gay-Straight Alliance)
  • School Newspaper
  • Sears Drama Festival/Musical
  • Book Club
  • Green Team
  • Classics Club
  • Chess Club and Team
  • Improv Club and Team
  • Anti-Bullying Bureau

Student Council

Between 1923 and 1933, when the school building was under construction, the size of the school drastically increased. When the building reopened, the school's very first Student Council started (1933).[12] Student Council runs a variety of events to promote school spirit, their most successful event of the year being White Attire (dance). They also host spirit weeks year 'round with many themed event days, such as: a Halloween Haunted House, ugly sweater day, pajama day, pictures with Santa, the spring dance, grab-a-heart, fashion show(s), and many more. The last Student Council president was grade 11 student Julia Marr.

Arts Council

Arts Council runs many arts and culture based events, most notably Library Unplugged. Other successful events include their annual (community) coffee house, BCC's Bucket list, Dancing With the Teachers, and much more.

Classics Club

History of the Classics Club[13]

Since the founding of Central, Latin has been an important part of the curriculum offered within the school. The Latin Club, later called the Classics Club, is one of the oldest clubs at Barrie Central. Though little of its early activities is known, it seems to have gained popularity in the 1970s when it became a participant in the Classics Conference.

Under the direction of Miss Helen Spanis and Mrs. Janet Turner, the Classics Club at Barrie Central became recognized in Latin across the county, winning numerous awards at the Classics Conference. The Classics Club became a member of the Ontario Junior Classical League, a student version of the American Classical League in the 1980s, then becoming eligible to participate in Certamen events and other activities sponsored by the association.

In 1991, Mrs. Margaret-Anne "Gilli" Gillis, joined the staff at Barrie Central as the new Latin teacher who undertook the task of trying to live up to the reputations of her predecessors. Having attended Classics Conference herself as a student in the 1980s, she has made a love of the Latin language and the monuments of the ancient world the focus of the Latin programme.

The main focus of the club is “Conference”, however, they also organize the annual Grade 9 Parents’ Welcome Dinner, assist with Commencement in June, and decorate for the Excellence Awards. The members also go on field-trips, host Saturnalia, and put on semi-formal dance(s) for the school.

In addition to these, the school has many sports teams, including:

  • Football
  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • Skiing
  • Basketball
  • Curling
  • Golf
  • Mountain Biking
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Cross-Country Running
  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • Wrestling
  • Softball
  • Rugby
  • Track and Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Charles Drury, First, Ontario Minister of Agriculture, 1888
  • E.C. Drury, Premier of Ontario, 1919-1923
  • Bobbie Rosenfeld, 1928 Olympian (Track and Field)
  • Steve Myddelton, CFL player
  • Ron Hoggarth, Former NHL Referee 1971-1994
  • Afie Jurvanen, Canadian musician - Bahamas
  • Mike Rowbotham, Mixed Martial Artist
  • Brett Caswell, Canadian musician
  • Janice Laking, Mayor of Barrie 1988-2000
  • Jeff Lehman (politician), Politician, Mayor Barrie 2010–present
  • Taylor Paris, Professional Rugby Player, Canadian Men's 7's and 15's Rugby Player, 2010–present
  • Emily Belchos, Canadian Women's 7's Rugby Team 2013–present
  • Megan Gibbs, Canadian Women's 7's Rugby Team 2006–present
  • Claragh Pegg, Canadian Women's 7's and 15's Rugby Player, 2012–present
  • Jessica Belchos, Former, Canadian Women's 15's Rugby Team, 2008-2012
  • Luke Tait, Professional Rugby Player, Former, Canadian Men's 15's Rugby Player, 2005-2011
  • Kayla Alexander,[14] WNBA San Antino Silver Stars 2013–Present
  • Megan Lukan, University of Wisconsin-GreenBay Women's Basketball, 2010–present[15]
  • Kaili Lukan, University of Wisconsin-GreenBay Women's Basketball, 2011–present[16]
  • Liam and Jack Davey, Scott Grinton, Canadian musicians

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