Barrier River

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Barrier River
Country New Zealand
Basin features
River mouth Pyke River
about 30 m (98 ft)

The Barrier River is a river in the Mount Aspiring National Park at the southern tip of the West Coast Region of New Zealand. It is a tributary of the Pyke River, which it enters about 1 kilometre (0.6 mi) south of Lake Wilmot.[1] The Barrier River is fed by three glaciers and ice fields:

  • Demon Gap Icefall (North Branch)
  • Silver Glacier (via Silver Stream, between the branches)
  • Barrier Ice Stream (South Branch)

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Coordinates: 44°24′23″S 168°14′28″E / 44.406339°S 168.240990°E / -44.406339; 168.240990