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Barrington is a locality in the south-west of Christchurch, New Zealand, lying mostly within the suburb of Spreydon.

The first European owner of the land was Captain Charles Simeon. In 1851, he chose 500 acres (2.0 km2) of land and had frontages with Wilderness Road, the road leading to the Heathcote River, and the road leading from Christchurch to Halswell. The land was numbered in the order of it having been chosen, and his land was thus known as Rural Section 154.[1][2] Simeon died in 1867 and his widow requested through land agents Richard J. S. Harman and Edward Cephas John Stevens that Wilderness Road be renamed Barrington Road in honour of her grandfather, Sir Fitzwilliam Barrington, 10th Baronet. This request was granted in 1885, and it is today known as Barrington Street.[3]

For census purposes, Statistics New Zealand has created two areas and named them Barrington South and Barrington North.[4][5] These administrative areas lie predominantly within the suburbs of Spreydon and Somerfield, but they both also include the part of the locality of Barrington that lies to the west of Barrington Street.


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Coordinates: 43°33′20″S 172°37′6″E / 43.55556°S 172.61833°E / -43.55556; 172.61833