Barrio París-Londres

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Calle Londres in the barrio.

Barrio París-Londres is a barrio located in Santiago, Chile. The neighborhood intersects at Calle Londres and Calle París, located behind the San Francisco Church, in its former orchard. Barrio París-Londres features shops, hostels, hotels and cobble stone streets with renovated mansions, reminiscent of the Latin Quarter in Paris, France. The barrio was developed in 1923 by a group of architects, and consists of only two streets. The building at Calle Londres 38/40 is a former jail and torture facility, used during the Pinochet regime. Tiles in front of the building depict the names of former political prisoners who were held there.[1]


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Coordinates: 33°26′41″S 70°38′54″W / 33.44472°S 70.64833°W / -33.44472; -70.64833