Binn idir an Dá Log

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Binn idir an Dá Log
Irish: Binn idir an Dá Log; the mountain between two hollows
Chapel beneath the Maumturks - - 199820.jpg
A small chapel near the foot of the mountain
Highest point
Elevation702 m (2,303 ft) [1][2]
Prominence644 m (2,113 ft) [1]
ListingHewitt, Marilyn
Coordinates53°30′50″N 9°40′36″W / 53.513853°N 9.676749°W / 53.513853; -9.676749Coordinates: 53°30′50″N 9°40′36″W / 53.513853°N 9.676749°W / 53.513853; -9.676749
Binn idir an Dá Log is located in island of Ireland
Binn idir an Dá Log
Binn idir an Dá Log
Location in Ireland
LocationCounty Galway, Republic of Ireland
Parent rangeMaumturks
OSI/OSNI gridL888528

Binn idir an Dá Log (Irish: Binn idir an Dá Log; the mountain between two hollows)[3] is a 702-metre (2,303 ft) mountain in the Maumturks range in Connemara, in County Galway, in the west of Ireland. It is a quartize peak, resting between two glacial corries, positioned at the centre of the Maumturks range. It is the highest mountain in the Maumturks range,[1] and is the 52nd highest mountain in Ireland.[4]

Binn idir an Dá Log is sometimes incorrectly named as Barrslievenaroy (or Baurslievenaroy) (Irish: Barrshliabh na Ráthadh; the mountain fort)[5][6] which is a small townland on the north slopes of the mountain.[7][8] The Irish names database records an anglicised version of "Benadolug", which is rarely used.[9]

A beside Binn idir and Da Log is the lesser summit, Binn idir an dá Log SE Top, at 659-metre (2,162 ft).

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