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Looking over south over new planting onto the Ormiston Road Bridge, the gateway feature for Flat Bush. The road that the bridge carries over the creek also marks the boundary between the northern and southern halves of the park, with the southern half still unfinished as of 2010.
One of the 'Green fingers' near the eastern edge of the park, in the general vicinity of the future town centre.

Barry Curtis Park is a new park named after Barry Curtis in Flat Bush, Manukau City of which the first stage was opened in April 2009.[1] At 94 hectares, it is one of New Zealand's largest parks, of a size as has not been established since the Auckland Domain in the 1840s.[2]

The park is currently (2010) only half-completed, with an investment of $17 million (as of 2009)[2] having gone in the sections that are already open or are still being formed and landscaped. Completion is expected around 2022, while the new suburb grows around it.[3] The park was created from a part of a large parcel of dairy farming land the Manukau City Council bought from the Anglican Church Trust Board, at $2.9 million for 290 hectares total.[1]

The park is the central piece of a 'Green fingers' network of parks that is being established (mostly aligned along around 45 km of streams and creeks draining the Flat Bush catchment). The ecological system involved consultation with groups such as Forest & Bird and the Auckland Regional Council. The water systems also work as stormwater ponds, and have been fitted with fish ladders to ensure connected water habitats.[2]

The park (in the already established section) also includes event spaces[1] and large playgrounds for children, with a multi-sports centre, playing fields to be added in the future. The park is to establish a network of educational trails in addition to the main routes.[2]

The park received the 'Outstanding Award' of the New Zealand Recreation Association Awards,[2] as well as three awards from the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (Gold: Barry Curtis Park Wetland Playground (at Stancombe Road), Silver: Barry Curtis Park Signature Areas design, Silver: Barry Curtis Park Project Management).[3]


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