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Barry Lamb (born 9 May 1963, South Shields, England) is an English experimental musician.

Musical career[edit]

Barry Lamb playing the saxophone

Lamb is an English composer, author and musician. He was a founding member of late 1970s cassette culture band Frenzid Melon, early 1980s indie band the insane picnic, and has released a number of solo albums which are avant-garde / electronic / industrial in nature. The album Dusk is perhaps his best-known solo work. During his most prolific period, Lamb had regular correspondence with fellow contemporaries Bryn Jones of Muslimgauze, members of Attrition, and the Third Mind record label. Much of this appeared to shape his thinking about music.

In the late 1990s his output was minimal, and apart from an appearance on the WMTID album Pale Saint he seemed along with many of his cassette culture contemporaries to have disappeared without a trace. Mid-way through 2005 though, he re-emerged with an appearance on the Jasun Martz (former Frank Zappa sidekick) album The Pillory / The Battle playing mellotron and wind synth as well as releasing a brand new album entitled It's All About Purpose on the Six Armed Man label. 2006 saw another flurry of activity with several contributions to various Six Armed Man releases and another album of new material entitled Observations of Istanbul.[1]

In 2007 he released an album of new material called ...this is[2] which has received critical acclaim in the underground music network. Lamb's continued partnership with former insane picnic and Frenzid Melon member Peter Ashby continues to bear fruit as they work together. Recent collaborations include Lamb playing saxophone on Peter Ashby's "Disturbances in the ether" album, working with up and coming urban hip hop artist Tor Cesay, collaborating with Keith Levene (ex- Public Image Ltd.,),[3] being covered by Swiss chanteuse Hilda Garman and recording with Wavis O'Shave


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