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Barry Durrant-Peatfield is a former medical practitioner specialising in metabolic disorders.

He submitted to voluntary erasure from the medical register as an alternative to having his license suspended for the use of unapproved diagnostic tests and treatments such as whole thyroid extracts.[1]


Durrant-Peatfield obtained his medical degrees at Guy's Hospital London, in 1960 and worked for two years at Croydon University Hospital before entering general practice. His emphasis on the use of unverified diagnostic techniques, for both thyroid and adrenal problems, brought him into conflict with establishment medicine.[2]

Durrant-Peatfield trained at the Broda Otto Barnes Institute (Connecticut, United States),[3] later returning to the United Kingdom to open his own clinic.


In May 2001 Durrant-Peatfield was called before an Interim Orders Committee[4] and subsequently suspended from practising medicine in the United Kingdom for 18 months for offering what the General Medical Council (GMC) described as "controversial treatments" for Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia patients presenting with what he believed to be undiagnosed hypothyroidism.[1] Durrant-Peatfield was voluntarily erased from the register, bringing the case to a close. It is the case that Natural Desicated Thyroid [NDT, from Animal sources] was the accepted method of treatment for Hypothyroidism and thus a 'grandfathered' treatment prior to more formal drug licensing in the mid 20th Century. This method has the benefit of all four thyroid constituents T1, T2,T3 & T4. However this point is without reference or factual support. It would not be possible for any individual or company to formalise treatment of this type now, due to costs and difficulties in standardisation of sources. However this point is without reference or factual support.



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