Barry Maitland

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Barry Maitland
Born 1941
Paisley, Scotland
Occupation Novelist
Period 1994–
Notable works The Malcontenta
Notable awards Ned Kelly Awards for Crime Writing

Barry Maitland (born 1941 in Scotland) is an Australian author of crime fiction. After studying architecture at Cambridge, Maitland practised and taught in the UK before moving to Australia, where he became a Professor of Architecture at the University of Newcastle. He retired in 2000 and took up writing full-time.[1]


Brock & Kolla[edit]

Maitland has written a series of crime novels known as the Brock and Kolla novels, focussing on Scotland Yard detectives, DCI David Brock and DS Katherine Kolla :

  1. The Marx Sisters (1994)
  2. The Malcontenta (1995)
  3. All My Enemies (1996)
  4. The Chalon Heads (1999)
  5. Silvermeadow (2000)
  6. Babel (2002)
  7. The Verge Practice (2003)
  8. No Trace (2004)
  9. Spider Trap (2006)
  10. Dark Mirror (2009)
  11. Chelsea Mansions (2011)
  12. The Raven's Eye (2013)

Harry Belltree Trilogy[edit]

In September, 2014 Maitland published the first of the Harry Belltree trilogy.

Homicide detective Harry Belltree wouldn’t usually be looking too hard at an elderly couple’s suicide pact. Especially now, when his brother-in-law Greg has just been stabbed to death. But it seems Greg and the old couple had ties to the same man, a bent moneylender with friends in high places—and low.

Harry can’t get officially involved in Greg’s murder, but he suspects a link with two other mysterious deaths: his parents’. And when he goes off-grid to investigate, that’s when things start to get dangerous.

Set in Sydney, this dark, morally ambiguous and adrenaline-charged new series is a triumphant change of direction for Barry Maitland. [2]

  1. Crucifixion Creek: The Belltree Trilogy, Book One, ISBN 9781922182456, ASIN B00LZ1U6IY, Text (24 September 2014)
  2. Ash Island (2015)


  • Bright Air (2008)


  • Ned Kelly Awards for Crime Writing, "Best Novel"
    • 1996, joint winner for The Malcontenta[3]
    • 2000, shortlisted for Chalon Heads and Silvermeadow
    • 2003, shortlisted for Babel
    • 2005, shortlisted for No Trace
    • 2007, shortlisted for Spider Trap
    • 2009, shortlisted for Bright Air


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