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Barry Alan Poltermann (born January 12, 1964) is an American film editor, director, and entrepreneur.

Poltermann edited the Sundance Grand Prize winning documentary American Movie (1999, Sony Classics) and edited the Sundance Special Jury Prize winning documentary, The Pool (2008, Vitagraph), both for director Chris Smith. In 2009 Poltermann continued his collaboration with Smith with the documentary Collapse which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival. Poltermann directed (with Frank L. Anderson) and edited the critically acclaimed The Life of Reilly (2006), based on the life of comedian Charles Nelson Reilly.

Poltermann also co-founded and was CEO of Civilian Pictures,[1] a film financing company, which co-produced American Movie, The Life of Reilly and the Wu-Tang Clan documentary Rock the Bells (2006, Warner Brothers). Poltermann was also an Executive Producer for Rock the Bells.

Beginning in 2004, Poltermann worked extensively on developing and directing new media video projects for the viral marketing firm 42 Entertainment, and in 2007 co-founded and is CEO of About Face Media, a content marketing firm that utilizes documentary web video for social media marketing.

American Movie was named by the New York Times as one of the “1,000 Greatest Movies Ever Made”[2] and the International Documentary Association named it as one of the top 20 documentaries of all time.[3] The Life of Reilly was Rotten Tomatoes best-reviewed film of 2007.[4] Poltermann has edited five feature films that are Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, including American Movie, The Life of Reilly, The Pool, Collapse, and Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made.


  • Aswang (1994) – Director, Producer, Writer, Editor
  • American Movie (1999) – Editor, Co-Producer (as Civilian Pictures)
  • Rock the Bells (2006) – Executive Producer, Additional Editing
  • The Life of Reilly (2007) – Director, Editor, Producer (as Civilian Pictures)
  • The Pool (2008) – Editor
  • Collapse (2009) – Editor
  • Modus Operandi (2009) – Actor
  • Jeff (a.k.a. The Jeffrey Dahmer Files) (2012) – Executive Producer
  • Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (2015) - Editor
  • Zedd: True Colors (2016) - Editor
  • The Blood is at the Doorstep (2017) - Executive Producer


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