Barry Shrier

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Barry Shrier
Nationality American
Occupation Technology entrepreneur,
Known for Founder of Liberty Electric Cars

Barry Shrier is an American born UK-based technology entrepreneur, the founder of Liberty Electric Cars.[1]

With a background in marketing, Shrier worked on projects for Unilever, Guinness, Procter and Gamble, Mars and Nestle, applying cognitive psychology to understand consumer behaviour.[2] In 2001 Shrier was hired by Paybox founder Mathias Entenmann into Deutsche Bank, as one of the Marketing Directors for the international mobile payment system that DB was funding the roll-out of.[3] In October 2003 Shrier founded Liberty Europe Wireless Networks, providing wireless broadband telecommunications services. In 2006, Shrier became a Non-Executive Director of Washington DC-based satellite venture Leo Terra, a company launching low-orbit satellites to deliver global mobile broadband services.[citation needed]

In 2007, Shrier began working in environmental protection and climate change, founding Liberty Electric Cars.[2] Shrier co-invented and patented zero-emissions technology, created to speed up the roll-out of electric cars.[1] He then founded the Zero Emission Vehicle Foundation, a trade organisation working to eliminate car pollution and therefore help to address global warming.[4]

In April 2009 Shrier met with Lord Mandelson to call on the government to take an active role in speeding up the roll-out of electric cars. Shrier was a leading advocate of an EV and low-emissions car stimulus incentive scheme, which the UK government later adopted as the £5k rebate.[5] Shrier predicted the end of the internal combustion engine at a Williams Grand Prix Engineering sponsored event run by the Advanced Automotive Engineers.[6]

Shrier serves on the board of Cochrane Associates.[7] Shrier has made various media appearances talking about green technology and electric vehicles on Sky Television,[8][9] BBC News,[10][11] the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch,[12] and The Financial Times.[13]


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