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For the art dealer, see Barry Stern (art dealer).

Barry Stern (January 24, 1960 – April 1, 2005)[1] was a heavy metal drummer from Chicago, Illinois.

From 1976 until 1988, he drummed for Zoetrope, for whom he also served as vocalist and songwriter. After recording two albums with that band, Stern joined Trouble in 1989. He appeared on two of their albums, 1990's Trouble and 1992's Manic Frustration, before leaving in 1993. In 1994, Barry replaced Joe Hasselvander in Cathedral for touring purposes.[2] A guest spot on Debris Inc.'s 2005 self-titled debut album was Barry's final recording appearance.

Stern died on April 1, 2005 from complications following hip replacement surgery. He was the son of Louise Stern, the brother of Karen Stern Jarger and Arlen Stern, the brother in-law of John Jarger, as well as the Uncle of Jeremy Jarger, Lindsay Jarger, and Alan Stern.[3]

Prior to his death, he was the founder of the band D-Connect (his stage name). Stern was singing and drumming for the band D-Connect at the time of his death. Trouble dedicated their 2007 album Simple Mind Condition to his memory.


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