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Barry Svigals, FAIA (born 1948) is a Connecticut-based architect and sculptor. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Svigals + Partners,[1] an architectural design firm in New Haven, Connecticut. Svigals + Partners was founded in 1983 and has a staff of about 30.


Svigals is a graduate of Yale College and the Yale School of Architecture.[2] He studied sculpture at the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Paris (ENSBA)-(National School of Fine Arts in Paris). with Maurice Calka, Grand Prix de Rome, as Professor. Svigals also studied sculpture at Ecole des Beaux-arts de Paris In Maurice Calka workshop.


In May 2007, Svigals was elevated to the Fellows of the American Institute of Architects (FAIA) for his contribution to the profession of architecture, specifically for "reawakening the tradition of figurative sculpture in architecture".[3] Major buildings completed by the firm that include large-scale sculptural works by Mr. Svigals include the Carroll School of Management (Fulton Hall) at Boston College, the Center for Undergraduate Education at University of Connecticut in Storrs, the New Academic Center at Albertus Magnus College, and several public schools in New Haven.

His firm is also known for its scientific laboratories, including many for Yale University, Science Park, and Connecticut biotechnology firms.[4][5]

References in Doonesbury[edit]

While at Yale, Svigals was a roommate of Gary Trudeau, creator of the Doonesbury comic strip, and he has been mentioned in the strip several times.[6] For instance, the December 28, 1992 strip[7] features a reference to Barry Svigals as trying to bribe character Zonker Harris to publicly mention his name.


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