Barry Trost

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Barry M Trost
Barry M Trost 01.jpg
Barry M. Trost in June 2012
Born 13 June 1941
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Residence Stanford
Nationality American
Fields Chemist
Institutions University of Wisconsin–Madison Stanford University
Alma mater University of Pennsylvania
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Doctoral advisor Herbert O. House
Doctoral students Yian Shi
Known for Trost ligand
Notable awards ACS Award in Pure Chemistry (1977)
Arthur C. Cope Award (2004)
The Ryoji Noyori Prize (2013)

Barry M. Trost (born June 13, 1941 in Philadelphia) is an American chemist, Tamaki Professor of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford University.

He studied at the University of Pennsylvania and obtained his B.A. in 1962. His Ph.D. thesis research on The Structure and Reactivity of Enolate Anions was conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was professor at the University of Wisconsin–Madison from 1965 until his appointment to Stanford University in 1987.

The Tsuji Trost reaction and the Trost ligand are named after him. He is prominent for advancing the concept of atom economy.[1][2]


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