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Barrymores Music Hall.JPG
Address323 Bank Street
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Coordinates45°24′52″N 75°41′43″W / 45.414443°N 75.695200°W / 45.414443; -75.695200Coordinates: 45°24′52″N 75°41′43″W / 45.414443°N 75.695200°W / 45.414443; -75.695200

Barrymore's is a nightclub and concert venue located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The club was first opened in 1978, in the city's former Imperial Theatre on Bank Street. It was considered one of Canada's most important music venues in the 1980s, hosting concerts by noted artists.

The club's owner filed for bankruptcy in 1991 and canceled the building's operations. It reopened in 1996 after its acquisition by Eugene Haslam, the owner of Zaphod Beeblebrox. Haslam instituted the custom of "theme nights"; Sunday being 80's retro night and Thursdays being retro 90's night. These nights have become two of the most popular nights in Ottawa's nightlife.

In August 2008, scheduled concerts were cancelled and operations suspended due to the apparent sale of the venue to a new owner.[1] Barrymore's reopened on 11 September, and resumed a regular schedule of events after Montreal-based club operator Vince Simeone and George Syriannis became the building's new tenants. Barrymore's is now owned and operated by George Syriannis.[2]


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