Barskoon Waterfall

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Barskoon Waterfall
Barskoön Waterfall.jpg
Barskoon Waterfall
Location Kyrgyzstan
Coordinates42°00′07″N 77°34′37″E / 42.002°N 77.577°E / 42.002; 77.577Coordinates: 42°00′07″N 77°34′37″E / 42.002°N 77.577°E / 42.002; 77.577

Barskoon waterfall is a geological protected area located in Jeti-Ögüz District of Issyk Kul Province of Kyrgyzstan in 90 km to the south-west of Karakol on one of the tributaries of Barskaun River. There are several waterfalls at the site, which is accessible by taxi, 20 km south of the village of Barskon. The height of the main cascade is 24 metres (79 ft).[1] National Monument status was established in 1975.[2] [3]


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