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A view of the shop from the street.
A sign with instructions for paying for books after hours.

Bart's Books in Ojai, California is a bookstore founded by Richard Bartinsdale in 1964. It is mostly an outdoor bookstore, and some books are available for sale at all hours. Shelves of books face the street, and patrons are asked to drop coins into the door's coin box to pay for any books they take whenever the store is closed.[1]

Bart's has been featured in documentaries, television news programs, newspaper and magazine articles, and Hollywood movies.[citation needed] One television documentary had a hidden camera in a van parked across the street to study the honesty of people: how many people actually put money in the coinbox after hours to pay for books they took when no one was around. The store was also featured in Easy A, a 2010 American teen comedy movie.[citation needed]

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