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Bart Baxter is an American poet living in London, UK.[1] He has been published in ERGO! (a paperback anthology of work by Bumbershoot writers[2]), Seattle Review, Red Cedar Review, The Ohio Poetry Review and Raven Chronicles.[3] The Washington Poets Association created the Bart Baxter Award in 1998 which "recognizes poetry on the stage, not just on the page."[4] Baxter was on the board of Red Sky Poetry Theatre for three years from 1989 - 1991.


  • A Man, Ostensibly, Egress Studio Press, 2004
  • The Man with St. Vitus' Dance, Floating Bridge Press, Seattle, 2000 (includes CD with QuickTime video of Bart performing title poem)
  • Sonnets from the Mare Imbrium, Floating Bridge Press, Seattle, 1999
  • Peace for the Arsonist, Bacchae Press, Bristolville, Ohio, 1995
  • Driving Wrong, Poetry Around Press, Seattle, 1992.


  • 1994 Hart Crane Award (Kent State University)
  • 1994 MTV Poetry Grand Slam[5]
  • 1995 Charles Proctor Award (Washington State)
  • 1996 Carlin Aden Award
  • 1997 William Stafford Award
  • 1998 Seattle Poetry Grand Slam


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