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Bartholomäus Ringwaldt (28 November 1532 - c. 1599) was a German didactic poet and Lutheran pastor. He is most recognized as a hymnwriter.[1][2]


Bartholomäus Ringwaldt was born in Frankfort-on-the-Oder, Germany. From 1543, he studied theology. After graduating, he first started his career as a teacher. He was ordained into the Lutheran Ministry during 1557 and served as pastor of two parishes. In 1566, he became the pastor of Langenfeld, Brandenburg-Prussia. Starting during the 1570s, he wrote songs and poems which focused on his religious and theological beliefs. Ringwaldt was a prolific hymnist, and may have composed tunes as well.[3][4]

Bartholomäus Ringwaldt died c. 1599 in Langenfeld, today Długoszyn near Sulęcin, Poland.[5]


Ringwaldt's hymns include:


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