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For the Berkshire school, see St. Bartholomew's School.
Bartholomew School
Established 1703
Type Academy
Headteacher Mr A S Hamilton
Founder John Bartholomew
Location Witney Road
Eynsham, Witney
OX29 4AP
Coordinates: 51°46′56″N 1°22′52″W / 51.782183°N 1.381035°W / 51.782183; -1.381035
Local authority Oxfordshire
Students 992
Gender Coeducational
Ages 11–18
Houses Churchill, Harcourt, Mason and Morris

Bartholomew School is a secondary school with academy status which is situated in the village of Eynsham, West Oxfordshire, England. Currently there are 880 students in the school, 100 of whom are in the sixth form.[1] The school's current headteacher is Mr Hamilton.[2] Besides The Cherwell School, Bartholomew School is one of the highest achieving state-owned schools in GCSE and A-Levels in Oxfordshire.[3]


Bartholomew School was founded in the 18th century by John Bartholomew when a subscription of £87 was given to him to finance the "Bartholomew room".[4][5] The school remained there until 1847 where it was moved to its present site on Witney Road. In 1958 the school was expanded, and by 1968 it became a comprehensive secondary school for 11- to 18-year-olds.[6] In 2003, the school became a Technology College where Design and Technology is made compulsory for GCSE. At the start of the 2007 - 2008 school year, the recently refurbished sports hall was opened for use and is in partnership with Windrush Leisure Limited.[7] The school became an academy in August 2012.

Housing system[edit]

Bartholomew School has a newly reformed house system, the aim of which is to encourage competition in all areas of school life and increase interaction between the different year groups. The current houses are Churchill, Morris, Mason and Harcourt.

Uniform policy[edit]

The school has recently changed its uniform from a white shirt, school tie, school jumper and black trousers to a navy blue polo shirt, no tie, school jumper and black trousers or skirt.

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