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View from Bartlett's Island

Bartlett's Island is a residential island within the marshlands of Marshfield, Massachusetts. The island is located in the North and South River Estuary, surrounded by the salt marshes of the historic North River and is bordered by Macomber's Creek to the south and the North River to the north, just downhill from "The Hills" The rivers' watershed is a tidal marsh with fish and wildlife habitats on its isolated islands, Truants and Pine Island, which are in the adjacent "English Salt Marsh" bordering the South River. The North River is approximately 12 miles (19 km) long, a river formed by the confluence of the Indian Head River and Herring Brook flowing from Pembroke, MA to Scituate.

The island itself is sand-based and is relatively heavily wooded. While the island is surrounded by water at high tide, it is connected to the mainland via a causeway. Therefore it is always accessible and often not perceived as an island in its truest sense. Two roads, Nathaniel Way and Bartlett Island Way, connect 17 residential homes. Roughly half of the homes have dock access via Macomber's Creek to the rivers and the Atlantic.

The Spit[edit]

Bartlett's Island is located directly west of the "New Inlet" - the mouth of the North and South Rivers. At low tide, "The Spit", a vast expanse of sand is exposed, making it a favorite boating / beach spot on Boston's South Shore. The upper part of the Spit peninsula is a nesting ground for piping plovers and generally protected during the summer months. It is critical to avoid stepping on the dunes and the seagrass in order to protect the vegetation that forms and holds this resource. The New Inlet is considered one of the more treacherous inlets along the eastern seaboard, but continues to be one of the most popular boating and beach locations on the south shore.

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