Bartolomeo Bosco

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Bartolomeo Bosco
Barlolomeo Bosco.png
Born Giovanni Bartolomeo Bosco
(1793-01-03)January 3, 1793
Turin, Italy
Died March 7, 1863(1863-03-07) (aged 70)
Dresden, Germany
Occupation Magician

Giovanni Bartolomeo Bosco (January 3, 1793 – March 7, 1863) was an Italian magician during the mid-19th century. He is best known for his adroitness with the famous Cups and Balls.

When he was nineteen years old, he was drafted into Napoleon's Army.[1] In 1812, Bosco was wounded during the Battle of Borodino by a Cossack lancer.[2] He pretended to be dead as he noticed someone searching the dead bodies for loot. The looter went through Bosco's things while at the same time Bosco picked the looter's pocket.[2] Bosco was taken prisoner in Siberia and entertained the other prisoners and the guards with his magic.

After the war, he returned home to Turin in 1814, and studied medicine for a short time.[2] Bosco went on to perform his magic for the ruler of Russia as well as the heads of state of Prussia, Sweden, and France.[2]



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