Bartolomeo Carlo Romilli

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Bartolomeo Carlo Romilli
Archbishop of Milan
C.B. Romilli, arcivescovo (di F. Coghetti).jpg
ChurchCatholic Church
Appointed14 June 1847
Term ended7 May 1859
PredecessorCarlo Gaetano Gaisruck
SuccessorPaolo Angelo Ballerini
Consecration21 June 1846 (Bishop)
by Carlo Gritti Morlacchi
Personal details
Born(1795-03-14)14 March 1795
Died7 May 1859(1859-05-07) (aged 64)
BuriedCathedral of Milan
Previous postBishop of Cremona (1846-47)

Bartolomeo Carlo Romilli (1795 - 1859) was Archbishop of Milan from 1847 to 1859.[1]


Born in Bergamo in a noble family he was ordained priest in 1818 then in 1846 became Bishop of Cremona. In the summer of 1847 pope Pius IX named him Archbishop of Milan at the time of THE Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia after Gaisruck an Austrian prelate. This appointment was welcomed by the people of his Archdiocese because after an Austrian prelate, an Italian was named to lead an Archdiocese in a territory where there was a strong desire for independence from Austria.[2] He died in Milan on 9 May 1859 during the Second Italian War of Independence.[3]


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