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Bartomeu Brutau Terradas was a player of FC Barcelona in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He was treasurer and later the second president in the club's history.

Player career[edit]

His career started during the inaugural year of FC Barcelona; Terradas attended the founding meeting which formalized the establishment of the club, held at the Gimnasio Solé on November 29, 1899. He played his first match for Barcelona against a team that consisted of members of the British colony living in Barcelona, on December 8, 1899. The game was played in the old Bonanova Velodrome. Only ten players played, as no more were available. The British were defeated 0-1. Terradas' sports career ended in 1903 with 31 matches played for FC Barcelona.

Career as an executive[edit]

On April 25, 1901, Terradas became the president of Barcelona, following the resignation of Walter Wild. The dire economic situation forced him to deal with various difficult situations. He became the first patron of FC Barcelona, with a contribution of 1,400 pesetas, saving the club from bankruptcy. During his tenure, there was a struggle with the president of the Spanish Gymnastics Section, as they[vague] were trying to steer the future direction of football in Spain, which was becoming an increasingly popular sport. Most of the club wanted more autonomy. Terradas contributed to the creation of the Catalan Football Federation, which brought together all the Catalan clubs, except Espanyol and International, which were later incorporated.

Terradas obtained land in Horta to construct the second sports field in the club's history. Terradas created the first sports committee, formed by Gamper, Meyer, and Viderkher. During his mandate, he approved the formation of a second and a third squad. With Terradas in the presidency, FC Barcelona won their first title, the Copa Macaya, considered the championship of Catalonia. The club lost 1-2 against Vizcaya in the final of the championship of Spain.

Terradas left office in September 5, 1902. He chaired the club for 507 days. In September 1903, he was elected as a member, and a year later he became vice president.

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