Barton Power Station

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Barton Power Station
Country England
Location Lancashire
Coordinates 53°28′23″N 2°20′56″W / 53.47302°N 2.348812°W / 53.47302; -2.348812Coordinates: 53°28′23″N 2°20′56″W / 53.47302°N 2.348812°W / 53.47302; -2.348812
Commission date 1923
Decommission date 1974
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Coal-fired
grid reference SJ768974

Barton Power Station was a coal-fired power station on the Bridgewater Canal in Trafford Park, near Eccles, Lancashire, England.


The construction of the station began in 1920 and operation began in 1923. The station's original equipment consisted of three Metropolitan-Vickers 27.5 MW turbo-alternators, nine Babcock & Wilcox chain-grate stoked boilers, Mather & Platt auxiliary equipment and British Thomson-Houston switchgear. The station supplied electricity to an area of 3,100 square kilometers and was one of the most advanced power stations of the time.[1][2] Coal was delivered to the station in barges, using the Bridgewater Canal.[1] The station was extended twice with Metropolitan-Vickers supplying a 40 MW generating set in 1928, followed by an additional 50 MW set in 1938.[3] The station was closed on 18 March 1974 with a reduced generating capacity of 69 MW. At the time the station was co-firing oil.[4] The station was then demolished in 1978 and 1979.[1] The first chimney was demolished in June 1979.[5] A B&Q store now stands on the site of the station.[1]


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