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This article is about the Barua surname of Assam Valley, India. For the Bengali Baruah caste an ethnic minority (particularly Bangladesh), see Barua (Bangladesh).

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Barua (Assamese: বৰুৱা; Hindi: बरूवा) which is also spelled as Baruah, Barooah, Baruwa, Baroova, Barooa, Baroowa, Borooah, Boruah, Baroa; is a common Assamese surname. The surname Barua is typically associated with someone who is an Assamese or Asamiya, much like Aroras of Punjab.

In Assam Valley[edit]

Originally the title was conferred for most of class of officers in the Ahom kingdom of medieval Assam. The Ahoms appointed officers with various titles, and Barua meant a "Leader of 3000 men".

The Baruas are Hindus by faith and have been a key contributors to the growth of Assamese community. Being a conferred surname, it is widely found to be used across various groups within Assamese community however, with subtle distinctions relating to a group. For instance, Assamese Brahmin Baruas or may even Kalitas are classified as General, as opposed to Ahoms and Sutiyas falling under Tibetan and Tai families and are OBC. Furthermore, Brahmin Baruas may additionally carry middle names / prefixes such as, Bez, Bujar, Govinda, Ranjan, etc., traditionally not or less likely present among Kalitas, Ahoms and Sutiyas.

Notable Baruas[edit]

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