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Barua Buddhist Monks are monks from Barua, Bangladesh. Since ancient times, they have guided the Barua community on Buddhist philosophy. They practice their faith at Buddhist faith at Chittagong hill track and surroundings. Their valuable contributions are respected by all Baruas.

Respected Monks/Bhikkhu's[edit]

  • Ven.Anandamitra Mahathera, Sanghanayak, All India Bhikkhu Sangh, Ananda Buddha Vihara,Secunderabad is built in his memory.
  • Ven. Saramedha Mahathera: the first Sangharaja who came from Rangoon to refine and free the Buddhists from occult worship and tantric practices.
  • Karmayogi Ven. Kripasaran: the main figure responsible for bringing together all the Buddhists living scattered in West Bengal and the northeastern part of India. Founder of the Buddha Dharmankur Sabha (Bengal Buddhist Association), Sakpura Bauddha Batak Samity, Satbaria Mahila Sammelani, and the Maha Bodhi Society
  • H.H. Dr. Sangharaj Dharmasen Mahathero from Bangladesh, Honorary Ph.D. (V.B.U.) Vietnam, Honorary Ph.D. (MCU) Thailand, Tripitaka Sahitya Chakraborty (Sri Lanka). He presently resides in Unainpura Lankaram, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • Prof. Bhikshu Satyapala: a renowned scholar of Buddhism who specializes in Abhidhamma Philosophy and is associated with the University of Delhi's Department of Buddhist Studies as a professor.
  • Prof. Ven. Prajna Bangsha Mahathero Founder of Mahamandal Welfare Organization (MWO) Bangladesh, Regional Center Of World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • During the 20th century, the Indian continent had produced several few Buddhist monks, among them Vikkhu Karmabir Jinaratana [1]. He was one of the founders of Shillong Buddhist Temple.

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