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Extinct(date missing)
Language codes
ISO 639-3None (mis)
AIATSIS[1]D40 Barunggam, D56 Muringam

Barunggam (Murrumningama) is an extinct Aboriginal language spoken by the Barunggam people of Queensland in Australia.[2] The Barunggam language shared many words with the neighboring languages, including Jarowair to the east, Wakka Wakka to the north and Mandandanji to the west.[3] Kite and Wurm describe Barunggam as a dialect of Wakka Wakka.[1]

Tindale gives the traditional lands for the Barunggam who spoke the language as:

"Headwaters of Condamine River east of Jackson to about Dalby; north about Charley Creek to Dividing Ranges and west to Wongorgera and Woleebee; south to Tara; at 165 Chinchilla and Jandowae. Their country is on the red soils south and west of the Dividing Range".[4]

Map of Traditional Lands of Australian Aboriginials around Brisbane.[5]


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