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Baruni is a Croatian pop band originating from Zagreb. The group was formed in 1991. Name "Baruni" (Croatian for "Barons") was given to them by Tomislav Ivčić. The group was previously signed to Croatia Records, but is currently working with rival Hit Records. They release their albums through in Bosnia through the label Hayat Production. They have been participated in the Croatian Radio Festival seven times and in the Etnofest Neum festival twice.

Band members[edit]

  • Miroslav Rus – songwriter
  • Danijel Banić – lead vocal
  • Jadranko Jagarinec – bass guitar
  • Dubravko Jagarinec – acoustic guitar
  • Jelena Domazet – keyboard
  • Zvonimir Domazet – electric guitar
  • Miroslav Budanko – drums


  • Putuju i oblaci (1996)
  • Vrati se (1997)
  • Neka pati koga smeta, Hrvatska je prvak (1998)
  • Ulica Ilica (1998)
  • Cirkus (1999)
  • Veliki hitovi broj 1 (2000)
  • Otkad s tobom ne spavam (2002)
  • Ljubav nosi tvoje ime (2003)
  • Sve si um zhivotu (2003)

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