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Village of Barvaux.

Barvaux-sur-Ourthe is a village in the municipality of Durbuy in Wallonia, Belgium. It is situated on the Ourthe river, in the Ardennes forest in eastern Belgium. It is a former municipality.

With a traditional farming history going back hundreds of years, after World War II it became a vibrant tourist destination, often visited in conjunction with Durbuy, the so-called smallest city in the world.

Barvaux has a railway station which is on the line running between Liège and Marloie via Marche-en-Famenne. Along the line to the south-west is the station of Melreux-Hotton and to the north-east is the station of Bomal.

Coordinates: 50°21′02″N 5°29′37″E / 50.35058°N 5.49357°E / 50.35058; 5.49357