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For other places with the same name, see Barycz (disambiguation).
Mapa części Niziny Śląsko Łużyckiej i Wału Trzebnickiego.png
Barycz River on a map of the Silesian-Lusatian Lowlands
Origin near Ostrów Wielkopolski
Mouth Oder at Wyszanów
51°41′11″N 16°15′9″E / 51.68639°N 16.25250°E / 51.68639; 16.25250Coordinates: 51°41′11″N 16°15′9″E / 51.68639°N 16.25250°E / 51.68639; 16.25250
Basin countries Poland
Length 139 km (86 mi)
Mouth elevation 75.8 metres (249 ft)
Basin area 5,526 km2 (2,134 sq mi)

The Barycz (German: Bartsch) is a river in Greater Poland and Lower Silesian Voivodeships in western Poland. It is a right tributary of the Odra River. The river course roughly marked the northern border of the historic region of Lower Silesia with Greater Poland.

The Barycz has a length of 139 km and a basin area of 5,526 km². The surrounding terrain of the Barycz Valley Landscape Park is an important wetland reserve. Settlements on the Barycz include Odolanów, Milicz, Sułów, Żmigród, and Wąsosz. The Orla is among its tributaries.

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